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Oct 27, 2017 - Jan 20, 2018


Gwladys Alonzo "melts" materials into a body, creating organic entities whose forms influenced by her daily walk. She encounters different found objects among the landscape during these walks, which she reappropriates in her sculpture. This creates in her sculptures a precarious vulnerability within the struggle that exists as these found materials seek to maintain at all costs their formal integrity. Alonzo employs common materials classic in sculpture, like metal, wax, concrete, marble, and stone, to create her sculptures using unconventional techniques. Influenced by the use of lead by Richard Serra, and the use of latex by Eva Hesse, Alonzo uses similarly transmutative practices, opting for a gesture that champions size, as well as more complex molding and casting. As an artist and woman, she is motivated by the desire to break from the stereotypes associated with the predominantly male practice of sculpture, where eminently phallic verbs such as “erect,” “raise,” “train,” and “recover,” are part of the common vocabulary.

GWLADYS ALONZO, Acapulco #1 (San Francisco), 2017 Concrete, spray paint, wire and mirror 27 x 27 x 22 inches